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We are a regional center dedicated to providing the best service and safest investment opportunities for our investors. We specialize in working with small to medium sized EB-5 projects to help avoid the pitfalls that come with running larger projects. We believe in every project we share with our investors, so much so that we also invest in the projects as well. We do this to prove that we have a vested interest in making sure the projects are successful and to show we have faith in our selection process.


Along with being a dedicated regional center, we have a full-service immigration center that is capable of handling every other forms of immigration including: green cards, family visas, US citizenship, work visas, student visas, L1 visas and EB-1 – EB-5.

Because we specialize in the EB-5 visa process, we easily guide motivated individuals through it, helping them to achieve their dreams in America. Along with handling all the legal work, we also offer an array of safer business opportunities for each individual to invest in. These options allow individuals the freedom to choose a project of their interest, with the greatest opportunity for growth.


Our passion for helping others grow successful through the EB-5 visa process stems from our own backgrounds. Our own seeds of success were planted when we went through the same EB-5 process. As we are all immigrants from different nations and have come together to grow successful, we are actively looking to help connect others and we are very dedicated to seeing them achieve the same. Because of this, we work hard daily to make sure we have excellent success and satisfaction ratings and can help as many people as possible.

Our mission

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